AWAKEN Herbal Blend
AWAKEN Herbal Blend
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AWAKEN Herbal Blend

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AWAKEN is a herbal blend that when smoked produces a smooth drag accompanied by a mild and unobtrusive taste. 

Containing herbs specifically selected for their beneficial effects on the lungs, respiratory system and nervous system.

The Awaken blend compliments a clear and focused state of mind, containing herbs that enhance mental clarity. Made from 100% herbs.

Herbal Content

DAMIANA: Boosts mental health by easing depression, anxiety & nervousness. Aphrodisiac and headache soother.

MULLEIN: Mullein is a well-known herbal medicine. Historically, the smoke was inhaled to treat asthma, coughs, and colds due to the astringent and sedative qualities.

RED RASPBERRY: Red Raspberry has a pleasant fruity taste and makes for a great alternative to tobacco. It neutralises poisoning caused by the nicotine from tobacco.

LEMON BALM: Optimises immune health, digestive health, and provides a sense of balance for the nervous system.

PASSIONFLOWER: Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. A beautiful complement to a cannabis high.

MUGWORT: A light addition to the blend that relaxes the body and relieves headaches. Stimulates and cleanses third eye.


SPEARMINT: Opens up airways leaving you feeling instantly fresh and ready to go! Relaxes the nerves and improves blood circulation.

(Net Weight: 26g)

 *over 18s only*

*do not smoke whilst pregnant*

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