Himalayan Salt Scrub

Himalayan Salt Scrub

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Our renewing and refreshing himalayan salt scrub gently helps remove impurities and dead skin. Indulge yourself with this luxurious exfoliation, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft, smooth and silky and smelling gorgeous!


Pink Himalayan Salt: Packed full of trace minerals that detoxify and relax the body while removing dead skin flakes.

Jojoba Oil: This intensely moisturising oil works wonders on dry skin and is full of vitamin E and B. 

Sweet Almond Oil: Improves complexion and skin tone due to its emollient properties. It is commonly known to reduce stretch marks and is calming for the skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil: One of the most rejuvenating oils for damaged skin due to it being a natural astringent. It is also a great for anti-acne and anti-wrinkle treatment. 

Bergamot Essential Oil: Due to its anti-bacterial properties, this citrus oil is an amazing cleanser. It helps unclog pores and balance sebum levels. 

Jasmine Essential Oil: Keeps you glowing beautifully, leaving your skin looking healthy, radiant and even. Very regenerating as it is rich in antioxidants! It also smells incredible.

Lavender Essential Oil: All the oils we use are non-comedogenic, which means they prevent pores from getting clogged. Lavender has also been shown to improve blood circulation and reduces redness and scarring. 

100% Natural! 300g. 

Packaging is made from recyclable PET plastic. 

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