Set of 4 Roll-On Mood Enchancing Oils: Tranquility, Love, Strength and Health

Set of 4 Roll-On Mood Enchancing Oils: Tranquility, Love, Strength and Health

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A set of 4 roll-on oils that enhance your mood. 


Made with lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, with a base of sweet almond oil. Infused with amethyst crystals. 

Ideal for de-stressing and calming down
when you just need a minute.
Enjoy the pleasant aroma of this scent
before bed to gently ease into sleep.

Amethyst crystals are known to
help relieve anxiety and can offer
relief during panic attacks.



Use this blend to tap into self-love,
healing and compassion.

Made with jasmine, frankincense and
patchouli with bergamot undertones. Sweet almond oil base. 

Rose quartz, also known as the stone of the
heart is a calming crystal that brings
harmony and unconditional love.


A unique blend that provides a sense of
resilience and drive when needed most.

This blend uses grounding essential oils such as
lavender, cedarwood and cinnamon, with
undertones of rosemary. Sweet almond oil is used as a base. 

Red garnet crystals are lucky stones
that boost self-confidence and balance
energy. Historically, garnets were worn to
enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor.



Use this blend to open up your
sinuses and reinvigorate the senses.

Infused with aventurine crystal, an
all-round healing stone, used to
release negativity and blocked

A perfect refresher when you
are feeling a little under the
weather and need a boost!


Directions: Roll across the wrists, temples,
hands, feet and behind the ears.


May contain traces of nuts. 


 Not recommend for pregnant or nursing mums, due to high concentrate of essential oils.


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